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Emerging graphic novel writers from OZ

shaun-tan-oscarGraphic novels, just another type of ‘literature’, per say, are growing prominence all around the world. Writers and designers alike are realizing how the picture can meet the page to tell a descriptive story of many types. Although most people think of a graphic novel as a comic book, the authors that will be discussed below have skills, interests, and pursuits that stretch far beyond the limits set by the ideas of a standard superhero comic.

Just like every other genre of entertainment, design, and writing, there are many ways to implement the standards of storytelling. Every writer, illustrator, and storyteller does it differently. Shaun Tan is a writer and storyteller who has earned numerous awards for his films, books, and unique ideas of how to convey the histories of characters. However, what has gained him prominence in this article is his authorship of the book “The Arrival" which is a wordless graphic novel. He has gained acclaim for this story not just because of his artistic and illustrating ability, but how it differs from the market’s standards for graphic novels. Typically, a graphic novel is a comic book, in regards to design, and has words also. Some are written by one individual and illustrated by another, other times they are done by the same individual. Shaun Tan differed from the standard for this genre of literature by avoiding words altogether and telling a story solely through pictures, which pays tribute to his background as a filmmaker. Visuals go a long way, especially in the graphic novel industry.

Another rising author in the genre is Nicki Greenberg, who is best known for her graphic novel version of the classic “The Great Gatsby”. Known for her graphic novel and comic strips, as well as her children’s books. She falls into the category of those capable of writing and illustrating their books. Her clever take on old stories as well as her ability to appeal to children through her numerous beautifully illustrated and funny stories make her a diverse author and gives her a leg up in the genre of graphic novels, not to mention children’s books and comic strip writing. If anything is true of any art industry, it is that every artist is different.

Ashley Wood is a good Aussie writer and creator that is a great example of this. He is known for his art and cover design and has worked as an art director before. This doesn’t even get into his capability for writing. Wood has created several graphic novels, as well as artwork for various film projects and companies such as Marvel and DC - big names in the arena of graphic novels and illustrating. Several years ago he began his own entertainment company and has since then written and put together numerous books, all with incredible artwork.

Australia has become a growing place for authors, specifically those of graphic novels. Their original ideas and unique tastes in regards to how they tell their stories is not only inspiring, but utterly fascinating and valuable knowledge to be aware of next time you consider branching out into another style of literary entertainment.

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