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Comic book Conventions in Australia

I am looking forward to the next season of exciting comic book conventions in Australia. I expect them to be bigger, better and incredibly more exciting this year with lots of activities and new experiences. This is the period when the worlds of fantasy, anime, science fiction, cartoons, and gaming come to life.

oz-comic-sonThe Oz Comic-Con is without a doubt the biggest crowd pullers in Australia in the field of comics and fantasy. It is the ultimate must-go-to event for pop culture lovers in Australia. It is the Australian version of the American comic book convention that started in Adelaide as far back as 2001. Currently, the event is held three times a year and continues to grow year-on-year. This year, the event will run in Melbourne June 9-10, Brisbane September 22-23 and Sydney September 29-30. Each of the five events will have five stages and interactive features that will offer exclusively free content meant to keep fans more engaged during the show. With hundreds of exhibitors at each of the venues, these showcase everything from comics, collectibles, toys, cosplay, anime, gaming, makeup, apparel, art, and even jewelry. There will also be plenty of food and beverages on top of that. Oz Comic-Con supports Australian talent and companies in many areas by providing them with a platform that allows them to showcase Australian creativity to the public.

The Supanova Comic-Con & Gaming Expo is another of Australia’s pop culture fandom that has been in business since 2000. It is the platform that allows fans to celebrate in cosplay (costume role-play) in expressing their inner geek, and consequently helps bring out the inner child in them. Supa-Star celebrities, fan-clubs, exciting exhibitors, and exclusives have been woven into entertainment technology, collectibles, and toys at the event. Central to this is the opportunity offered by Supanova to aspiring talent, new artists and creators at a national platform to showcase the very best of their work to an insatiable public that yearns to see and experience newly invented worlds. The Supanova is the platform that offers their large community of fans an opportunity to help catapult new projects to overnight stardom. This year, the Supanova has attracted some of the biggest stars in the business. These include Finn Jones from Game of Thrones. Jones will be attending both events in Perth and Sydney. Eliza Taylor from popular Australian soapie Neighbors will also be attending both events. The Sydney events runs between June 15-17 while the one in Perth will be between June 22-24.

supernova-comicThe Supanova’s Cosplay Competition is always the highlight of every Supanova event. It is a crowd puller and huge public pleaser! This is one aspect to this event that shows-off the custom costumes and moves on display in the competition. The judges look out for the best from all entrants who win exciting prizes in the Coslay Awards. There are a total of six Cosplay Awards that include:

Best in Show Award that is awarded to those who excel both in their costume design and their presence on the stage.

Best Cosplay is awarded for excellence in Cosplay skills.

Best Craftsmanship Award is given to those that display a passion for their construction.

Best Performance Award is given out to those that display amazing skits and also the most entertaining of them all.

Best Group Award is given out to groups of two or more persons while the Judges Award is given out to some costumes that deserve recognition.

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