Comics Australia

Comics Australia

the-phantom-comic-booksNothing is funnier than what’s happening down under...

Welcome dear reader! If you reached this page, then look no further, as all the enticing content will unfold right before your eyes. So…. Do you enjoy reading comic books? Do you like to feel like you are part of the action, all while discovering new superheroes and their amazing powers? If so, read on, as our website contains the most interesting comic books along with reasons why you should check each one out. For as long as you are here, you will never get bored. Moreover, you will be able to step in a world of magic, where great things happen all the time! We would like to introduce our partner,, where you can play Marvel comic games online for free as well as many other fun game demos, including games specificallty made for Australian players.

Australia's incredible comic book world

Australia is a great continent, featuring an incredible biodiversity and amazing landscape. Some people would pay all their fortune just to see this amazing display with their own eyes just once. But there's more to Australia than that! If you look closer, you will realize that Australia is home to an incredible comic book world. Ever since the 1900’s, when Vumps was released and amazed everyone, Australia managed to rejoice from a great reputation in the comic books world. By 1910, the general public gained access to the first color comic book, in the form of "The Comic Australian". Plenty of progress has been made along the way, and readers can now gain access to a multitude of comic books, representing various amazing super heroes such as: Felix The Cat, Hurricane Hawk, The Phantom and more!

Emerging graphic novel writers from OZ

You probably want to know the best graphic novel writers from OZ, right? If so, then keep on reading. Australia has managed to propel various graphic novel writers in its history, some of which rejoice from a great international career. Moreover, some people even moved to Australia and discovered their potential for graphic novel writing here, through a series of unforeseen circumstances. If you want to know which are the emerging graphic novel writers today, then keep an eye out on our website. We will tell you all about them, their background, and which masterpieces they have created to date!

felix-the-catThe talented Comic book artists of OZ

The world of comics is an extraordinarily enticing and unique one. As no two art pieces are identical, you also won't be able to find two comic books that are the same. Plenty of talented comic book artists come from OZ, and once you have a look over their creations, you will be able to understand why they deserve all the respect and admiration. Get ready to delve into a world of mystery and magic, all through the great efforts of certain comic book artists. Some of them are still unknown to the general public, but we will tell you all about them!

The world of Comic book Conventions Down Under

Comic book conventions are a place where you can exchange information and ideas with fellow comic book writers and contributors, but also discover fans which are interested in writing their own comic book in the near future, or enriching their collection with other comic book titles. There are many things to be said about comic book conventions, and they cannot be covered in a couple of lines. Here you will find admiration, curiosity, a love for magic, insanely creative ideas and many more. Continue browsing through this section in order to get a better idea of what comic book conventions are, and why you should try to participate or at least observe one in the near future.

Comics Australia